Wednesday, May 1, 2019

wifi access wps wpa wpa2 v2.7 build 27 patched

wifi access wps wpa wpa2 (root) apk

wifi access wps wpa wpa2

Check the security level of your Network (wireless) and recover all the safe wifi password in your android phone with wifi access, You can also decrypt and encrypt wifi password stored in wpa


  • Check the security level of wireless network (providing WPA or WPA2 passphrase in seconds)
  • Recover all saved wifi passphrases in Android
  • Connect to a network using the passphrase or the PIN (WPS)
  • Decrypt and encrypt stored passwords. Decrypt wifi password stored in wpa_supplicant (like Samsung s4)
  • Real-time graph of the signal strength from the wireless access point while during the audit process
  • From version 1.13 you can select manually the PIN to test WPS connect.
  • Create incremental backup and restore all wifi networks saved on Android phone
  • Share wifi networks via wifi (You can share all passwords with browser or WifiAccess)

Mod Info
Changed icon
After use conditions added WPS database PIN’ov
Built-in application database is upgraded to the latest version at the moment (07.09.2016)

How to install?
Download the given .apk
Install it

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